Arrangement Course

Understand the characteristics and requirements of each part of an arrangement. No specific software needed!

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It is easy for you to come up with creative ideas and good loops, but you have some trouble turning them into a whole song?

Then this course is for you!

We take you from basic musical structures, to genre specific standards for many types of modern electronic music like Techno, Future Bass, Pop, House and Melodic Techno.

You will get a perfect starting point and a lot of practical tips & tricks for your productions.

This course is divided into 2 parts. A theoretical part, where we lay the groundwork and give you an overview on how to approach different arrangements and a practical part, where we start with an 8 bar loop and lay out a full song in real time!

Why do arrangements matter?

Each song consists of different parts, that all serve a specific purpose like: building tension, releasing energy and creating emotions.

You might think that the sequence or patterns seem arbitrary, but there is always a reason, why a certain part works.

In this course we show you the structures and secrets behind building successful songs.

What are you getting:

  • A complete course with a theoretical and a practical part.
  • An introduction to different approaches for your arrangements. You will get starting points for many modern genres like Techno or Future Bass.
  • 15+ Lessons
  • Lifetime Access

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