Groove Course

Learn how to build interesting grooves with varying velocity patterns, adding swing and shaping your samples with ADSR

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Groove Course

This course is entirely dedicated to building professional sounding drum loops for modern electronic music!

Did you ever have problems letting your drums sound club ready and "less amateur"?
We will teach you how to build interesting beats with varying velocity patterns, adding swing and bounce with groove presets and how to tweak and adjust every sample with ADSR.

We will provide you with all basics and then jump into long and easy to follow practical sessions, where we create multiple beats, loops and pattern from scratch!
All accompanying material will be available in the download section - so can can follow along easily and understand not only WHAT we do, but WHY we do it.

Make your drums sound professional

This course is for you, if you are…

…not finding the right samples and waste hours browsing your sample packs
…coming up with cool grooves, but they sound static and just not professional enough
…not fully aware of the groove pool and it’s advantages or adding swing manually
…never really sure how to tweak your samples with ADSR to make them fit the beat
…not completely familiar with the concept of velocity, how to add human feel or how to build interesting velocity patterns

What you will learn from this course

✓ turning your basic beat into a professional sounding loop

✓ creating interesting patterns using a variety of techniques

✓ learn the concepts of velocity

✓ learn the concepts of applying swing & groove

✓ learn how to tweak your samples using ADSR

✓ the interaction of bass and beat

✓ polyrhythms

✓ explaining the Drum Rack

✓ concept of weak and strong beats

✓ applying groove on MIDIs and Audio files

✓ shown in many practical examples

What are you getting:

✓ Complete course with theoretical basics & full on practical sessions

✓ Many starting points for your very own Techno, Melodic Techno, House and Tech-House grooves

✓ 25+ lectures

✓ Lifetime-access

Course Curriculum

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